• Off Set Ovalhouse Off Set Ovalhouse

    Off Set Ovalhouse

    Offers the unique qualities of being a dining, lounging, study and entertaining environment for up to ten guests.

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  • Commercial Projects

    From practical to contemporary, our pod structures are designed to suit the demands of…

  • Value.

    Increase the value of your home.

  • Flexible.

    You can relocate your pod if you move.

  • Versatile.

    Outdoor room/office you can use all year round.

  • Retreat.

    Separate from the rest of your home, a peaceful hideaway.

  • Room for All.

    Garden pods don't usually require planning permission.

Designed & Manufactured in the UK

Garden Pods, Rotating Spheres & Outdoor Buildings

Designed for all seasons, an environment where your day need never end.

Whether urban cool, luxurious chic, or relaxed outdoor living, Ornate Garden Pods offer a variety of versatile lifestyle options. From dining to lounging, study or sleep, garden office, entertain or garden retreat... these wonderful options can be enjoyed time and time again whatever the weather and throughout the year Designed and hand crafted in the UK with uncompromising attention to detail our unique garden pods are characterised with a combination of quality, comfort and durability.

Let us help you choose a rotating pod, garden sphere or garden building that best suits your lifestyle and requirements…

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