Osmo Gard Clean 1ltr

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Product Summary

A highly effective cleaning concentrate developed for the easy removal of green growth (and similar natural pollution) from painted and unpainted wood surfaces.

Osmo Gard Clean 6606 is self-acting with no scrubbing required. Apply thinly and evenly with brush or garden sprayer. Green growth will normally disappear within 24 hours. Non-hazardous. Does not contain formaldehyde, chlorine or phosphate.

Depending on the level of infestation or soiling, pure or diluted 1:10 (max) parts water. Covers up to 100m2 per litre.


Ensure that surfaces to be treated are dry and free of loose surface dirt and debris. Sweep surfaces prior to application with a broom or stiff brush.


Use Gard Clean pure or mixed with water (up to 1:10 according to infestation). Apply with a brush, garden sprayer or by pouring directly on to the infested area.

The green growth should disappear within 24 hours. An additional application may be required for stubborn areas.

Note: Avoid direct contact with plants during application.


Clean application brushes and equipment with water and dry thoroughly after use. Storage Can be stored up to 2 years or more if stored sealed and in original container. Keep away from frost and heat 5℃-35℃

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