Too good to be true…

10th November, 2021

Ornate Garden continues to invest in a global network of stockist who share our commitment to value, innovation, performance and service.

Today, Ornate Garden pods, garden spheres and building are available world-wide. To determine if a dealer is authorized to sell Ornate Garden products, please contact authorized stockists listed on this page or contact Ornate Garden directly

We have recently been made aware of rogue dealer’s fraudulently trading Ornate Garden products through auction sites such as eBay at supposedly 'cheap' prices without having products to supply. We have learned of instances where shoppers have been scammed into paying deposits and left with undelivered orders whilst the rogue dealer vanishes without trace.

Too good to be true…

Maria Woodall, detective superintendent of the City of London Police commented "If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is."


Check the contacts: Does the trader provide a postal address? If there is no address, or just a PO Box or email, be wary.

Too good to be true…

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