Ex-Demo Garden Pods Available NOW!

16th June, 2022

At Ornate Garden we like to make sure that we always have the latest Rotating Pods available for demonstration so we cycle our buildings regularly. This means we frequently have ex-demo Pods, Rotating Spheres and Garden Buildings available for those wishing to purchase or upgrade at a significant saving on list price.

Our ex-demo Pods, Rotating Spheres and Garden Buildings are fully serviced, tested at our showroom and maintained to the highest standard by our expert craftsmen.

Items Available NOW!

Wheel Bench

Rotating Sphere Seater

Rotating Sphere Lounger

Small Oval House

Small Summerhouse

Medium Summerhouse

The Deluxe

The Grande Deluxe

Please note: Whilst we endeavour to keep this page up-to-date there may be products in stock that are not shown. If there is anything specific you are looking for please contact us

Telephone: 01675 464705

Email: sales@ornategarden.com

or complete our contact form

Ornate Garden Accessories.

Why not personalise your Garden Pod Décor with something from our accessories range…

Ornate Garden Accessories


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