We get around, we get outside...

3rd April, 2011

Get outside more often… with the Rotating Sphere (Pod)

It's springtime and the garden is bursting into life! Warmer weather & dare we say sunshine beckoning you to spend more time outside. It’s time to discover the many unique benefits of the Rotating Sphere Lounger (British Design for a very British Climate, that’s designer Wayne Farmer’s inspiration and philosophy) – “the perfect way to keep you outside of the house enjoying the fresh spring days!”

Rotate in your Springtime Garden.

Rotate in your garden and check out what's changing ‘around you’ this Springtime. Listen to the springtime bird-songs; watch the garden birds nesting and the plant life blooming and trees blossoming. Every spring day brings subtle changes until suddenly it seems as if spring is in full bloom around you.

Don’t Worry it’s a Breeze!

Don't sit at home worrying that it’s all too breezy! Wondering what to do with spring; before you know it, it'll be summer and the long, lazy days aren't as inspiring for transforming yourself and your garden as the spring weather is!

The Advantage of Rotation to Position Summer house.

Rotate the Sphere's (Pod) entrance to the sun or into shade and even rotate out of the breeze.

We get around, we get outside...

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