Launch 'Rotating Sphere Lounger'

30th May, 2007

Farmers Cottage Lamps ‘ has finally unveiled its long-awaited Garden lounger design, provocatively referred to as the "The Sphere."

2 years of development by the design team have resulted in the first co-branded ‘Rotating Sphere Lounger.

The launch took place on 21st May 2007 at the Chelsea Flower Show in London, UK, in front of an audience of expectant journalists from around the globe and other invited guests.

Following a drum roll, the new lounger was revealed to the audience from beneath its cover - a minimalistic composition of fabric, aluminium and pine laminates.

This unusual combination of materials creates an interesting dynamic between man-made and natural materials. The use of aluminium and pressure treated pine laminates enables an entirely new type of framework construction.

Even the integrated seating and lounging systems and rotating platform with easy access opening reinforce the purist design.

Launch 'Rotating Sphere Lounger'

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