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OrnateGarden’s are always looking for new, exciting and creative ideas.. That’s why there’s always lot’s happening. You can find out what that is right here on our website. Feel free to drop in regularly – there’s always something new to discover.

Approaching Winter

8th November, 2009

You may be wondering how best to ensure that your sphere is in tip top shape for both the approaching winter...


Ornate Garden Facebook

22nd June, 2009

Ornate Garden can now be found on Facebookornate garden



The Cary Arms 'The Sphere on the Beach'

15th June, 2009

From Ornate Garden’s workshops in Maxstoke I headed south west, my destination ‘Babbacombe Bay, located in the heart of 22 miles of stunning coastline. I was heading out on another POD adventure: landing site The Cary Arms which I discovered sheltering in its own unsung part of the South Devon coast.


The Morphosis

1st December, 2007

The flavour of the Sphere is as the name suggests aimed to create curiosity, a centre piece for the garden environment with extra added quality and luxury.


The Look of the Sphere

15th November, 2007

Distinctive chromes and brushed metals are combined with warm natural woods and materials. Colours were referenced using 'Natural’ innovative colours that depicts and defines the way the ‘Sphere’ will blend unobtrusively in any environment in any season


Mock Up

8th November, 2007

The First Sphere has been designed to evoke the most luxurious mood of all three Sphere designs. Sphere 1 was not designed primarily for a commercial environment (although all the quality is present to enable it to be used so) but rather as a luxurious private relaxation suite.


Project Sphere is Born...

4th October, 2007

Born out of a relationship between 'Farmers Cottage Lamps’ one of the UK's premier garden accessory and lighting manufactures and the design aspirations of OrnateGarden, came Project ‘Sphere’.


Launch 'Rotating Sphere Lounger'

30th May, 2007

Following a drum roll, the new lounger was revealed


Ornate Garden Lighting.

Ornate Garden are pleased to announce the launch of our new on-line Victorian Lighting ordering facility.

Ornate Garden Lighting


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