Mock Up

8th November, 2007

The mock up was in two halves, the exterior - darker deeper colours with the interior being lighter and brighter.' The mock up sang with confidence, even though the colours were a product of ‘as close as we could get’ to the proposed colour intent.

The materials used for the mock up were expensive to say the least, but then quality was of prime importance so suppliers of the UK’s best, most expensive and contemporary fabrics were used.

The colour and trim task is not to be underestimated as the Sphere is circular, and is made up of many components, all of which have to be specified, tried and tested in some shape or form. A further difficulty in the Sphere’s interior design is that specific materials have to be used so a particular colour reference often has to be translated into several different material finishes some of which take long lead times to perfect. Therefore a change, be it only a minor colour shift, can affect many components and in this instance several changes took place.

The seat fabric generally becomes a driver as quality and colours come into play. Even when other colours seem to be fixed on components around the interior, the fabric ultimately seems to control what is and is not acceptable.

The First Sphere has been designed to evoke the most luxurious mood of all three Sphere designs. Sphere 1 was not designed primarily for a commercial environment (although all the quality is present to enable it to be used so) but rather as a luxurious private relaxation suite.

The Sphere ‘passengers’ are greeted by plush weather proof seating, hand finished stainless and polished chrome, married with the European pressure treated pine laminate beams, give the first signals of the standard of the highly appointed Sphere ONE.

Warm, dark leather contrasts with the light silver-white flooring, softened by pine beams unique to the Sphere. The design is simple and unpretentious. It is an honest room with an efficient use of space; it is very distinctive with a great measure of sophistication.

A series of innovative features have been created, which not only provides the ‘passenger’ with space and privacy, but also the ambience in which to relax with friends and family. Contemporary design combined with practical solutions that are indigenous to Farmers Cottage Lamps, were brought together to create a space in which one can truly look forward to spending time. Indeed the objective was to create an environment that parallels the world's most luxurious alfresco dinning areas.


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