Project Sphere is Born...

4th October, 2007

Born out of a relationship between 'Farmers Cottage Lamps’ one of the UK's premier garden accessory and lighting manufactures and the design aspirations of OrnateGarden, came Project ‘Sphere’. The momentum and vibrancy of a very driven British team informed and transcribed the desire to design fresh, inspirational garden furniture, designs that readdress the experience and philosophy of garden lounging and alfresco dining and elevates it into a new dimension.

Together OrnateGarden’s design team and Farmer Cottage Lamp’s craftsmen have created a garden am¬bience and experience that is truly original and exciting, that builds elegantly on the already UK-beating repu¬tation of one of the UK’s most prestigious garden lighting manufacturers.

Uniquely Farmers Cottage Lamps provide a design service that not only shapes and styles new products but also works hand in hand with engineering and development to ensure quality in the detail.

The task was to produce a sheltered environment that cos¬sets and calms the user, one that is welcoming and relaxing. Recognising the importance of a ‘relaxing ambience’ within the modern world by representing itself with a contemporary and upbeat designer feel, whilst being mindful of the re¬quirements and intended performance required of each owner and embodying the character and culture of it’s intended environment.

We live in an ever increasing state of design sophisti¬cation and technological advance and the elements of this have been cleverly addressed in the design of each Sphere. Each element of design is intentional so the user is on a ‘journey’ of discovery which possesses an element of surprise and ultimately creates a feeling of pleasure thus in turn creating psychological 'wellness'.

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