NEW Pod Distributor

10th January, 2013

Ornate Garden announced today they have joined forces with ‘alpine pods’ a new pod distributor in South of France to strengthen the existing structure of its European Sales Strategy. Alpine Pods are the latest distributor to join Ornate Garden’s increasing involvement worldwide.

The first Ornate Garden operation in the UK was opened over 20 years ago in the heart of the midlands. The UK Sales team, today headed up by Richard Hill, Sales Director, has since developed strong and important partnerships with prestigious distributors throughout the UK, such as John Lewis.

The affiliation with a new ‘rotating pod’ distributor in southern Europe ‘alpine pods’ represents a key step in the regional development of Ornate Garden’s distribution network and Sales presence.

‘In the past few years the demand for Ornate Garden’s rotating pods has gone from strength to strength. It is as a result of our innovative pod designs, popularity and commercial success, in addition to the market potential, that we have decided to take our operations one step further by adding a new distributor network in Southern Europe to further develop our business and better serve our clients through Europe, an area that reaches from Monaco, Grenoble, Lake Geneva, Basel, Bregenz, Verona, Lake Como to Turin' explains Wayne Farmer, Ornate Gardens Managing Director.

Ornate Gardens Managing Director and leading designer adds, 'As one of UK's leading Garden Building and Garden Lighting Designers and Manufacturer our role is to offer our clients the most effective and innovative garden design concepts. We believe that being geographically close to our clients is key and allows us to anticipate their needs and quickly propose adapted designs and innovative garden concepts. Our presence in Southern France will also enable us extend our product portfolio, services and commercial offers to new clients.'

NEW Pod Distributor

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