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Introducing the Ovalhouse Garden Pod

Elevate Your Outdoor Living Experience with Innovation & Versatility

Welcome to Ornate Garden's Ovalhouse Garden Pod, where modernity meets nature in a dynamic fusion of form and function. Step into a realm where the conventional boundaries between indoor and outdoor living dissolve and immerse yourself in the innovative design and versatile functionality of the Ovalhouse.

The Ovalhouse redefines the concept of a summer house with its futuristic yet organic shape, offering a sleek and contemporary addition to any garden space. Crafted to provide both shelter and style, this outdoor garden room invites you to embrace the beauty of your surroundings on sunny days or rainy afternoons alike. Its unique shape not only enhances the aesthetics of your garden but also maximizes the utilization of available space, seamlessly blending interior and exterior environments.

Designed to be your personal oasis, the Ovalhouse Garden Pod offers a myriad of benefits that cater to your every need. Whether you seek a tranquil retreat for relaxation, a cozy spot for alfresco dinners, or a chic setting for entertaining guests, this versatile garden room delivers on all fronts. Panoramic windows encircle the structure, offering a breathtaking 360° view while ensuring protection from the elements. Bask in abundant natural light streaming through the large windows and indulge in the luxury of a space that celebrates the beauty of the outdoors.

At Ornate Garden, we understand the importance of versatility in outdoor living spaces, which is why the Ovalhouse Garden Pod is designed to adapt to your lifestyle. From dining and lounging to study and entertaining, this garden room serves as a multifunctional extension of your home. Gather with friends and family for intimate gatherings or find solace in a quiet moment of reflection amidst the serenity of your garden sanctuary.

Versatile Garden Room

360° Panoramic Views: Immerse yourself in the beauty of your surroundings with uninterrupted vistas from every angle.

Slide-Up Polycarbonate Door and Rear Window: Seamlessly transition between indoor and outdoor spaces while enjoying ample natural light and ventilation.

Stainless-Steel Roof: Provides shade and reflects heat, ensuring comfort even on the warmest days.

Sustainable Spruce Timber Arcs: Eight laminated arcs create a sturdy yet elegant framework for the Ovalhouse.

Versatile Seating: Two sofas provide ample seating for up to eight guests, offering comfort and style in equal measure.

Luxurious Vinyl Interior: Water-resistant and durable, the interior of the Ovalhouse exudes luxury while standing up to the elements.

Ambient LED Lighting: Set the mood with embedded ceiling lights that create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Power Facility: Stay connected with access to power for charging, entertainment, or electronic devices.

Temperature Control Thermostat: Enjoy year-round comfort with a 2 Kw Blow Hot or Cold air system that ensures optimal temperature regulation.

Garden Sanctuary

In a world where home has become more than just a place to live, the Ovalhouse invites you to embrace the outdoors and make the most of your garden sanctuary. Break free from the confines of tradition and elevate your outdoor space with the unparalleled elegance and versatility of Ornate Garden's Ovalhouse.

Key Facts
  • 360 ̊ panoramic views
  • 60cm slide up and over polycarbonate door and rear window
  • A stainless-steel roof to offer shade and reflect heat
  • Eight laminated treated sustainable spruce timber arcs
  • Two sofas provide seating for up to eight guests
  • Luxurious vinyl water resistant interior
  • Ambient interior LED lighting
  • Power facility
  • Temperature Control Thermostat (2 Kw Blow Hot ‘or’ Cold air)
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    Water Resistant Interior

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    360 Panoramic Views

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    Slide Over Door

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    Seating For 8

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    Ambient Lighting

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    1 Sliding Windows

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    Folding Table

Small Ovalhouse 2
  • Height: 220cm
  • Width: 290cm
  • Depth: 236cm
  • Base measurement 210cm x 140cm
Layout Specifications
  • Size 290cm x 236cm
  • Floor 205cm x 140cm
  • Seating for 8
  • 10 years Guarantee
Small Ovalhouse 2
Small Ovalhouse 2

An area of 300cm x 250cm is required to locate the Ovalhouse. A hard-standing base of no less than 215cm x 145cm is required to build your Oval House onto. Your Ovalhouse can be installed onto a level paved, concrete or decked area.

Ground Preparation

If you are preparing a new concrete or paving area for your Ovalhouse, we recommend an overall depth of 30cm allowing 7 days for the ground to settle prior to the arrival of our fitting team.

Electrical Installation

The Small Ovalhouse is fitted with a consumer unit located in the back of the cupboard in the rear of the pod. The power will need to enter the pod through a compression gland fitted approximately 50cm high in the middle of the back panel of the pod. The power supply will come with both male and female 16A connection sockets ready for cables to be connected.


  • 13amp Power Socket
  • 2 Kw Blow Heater
  • 12v down lighting
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