Osmo Wood Reviver Gel 500ml

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Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel is a biodegradable, odour free cleaner that helps to restore the natural texture and colour of exterior woodwork that has greyed as a result of sun and weather damage.

Perfect for exterior wood that has turned grey or silver as a result of sun and water damage.

Helps to revive the natural colour of the wood without the need for staining. Can be used on garden furniture, decking, sheds, summerhouses and other exterior wooden surfaces that have turned grey or silver over time.

Apply neat and leave for 20 minutes, then remove using a hard bristle brush (included with 2.5L container) and lots of water. The more silver (or grey) there is on the wood the more effort is required to restore the original colour. Often additional applications (and a lot more elbow grease) will be necessary where greying is severe.

Original colour of wood should appear after 24-48 hours. Wood should be allowed to dry for 48 hours before applying any exterior wood oil.



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