The Rotating Seater

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The Rotating Seater can be positioned into the sun, shade or out of the wind with it’s ability to rotate a full 360°

As with its Big Brother the ‘Rotating Sphere Lounger’ the Rotating Seater has a seating area of 2.4m diameter, an expanse that has been created without a single edge.

360° Rotation

Our designers have cleverly reduced the door entrance which has increased the seating capacity to amply accommodate 7 guests.

Of course the Rotating Seater has the unique versatility of 360° rotation enabling you to position the entrance into the sun, breeze or indeed away from any unwelcoming elements. As the seasons change and temperatures cool a front canopy is provided encapsulating you and guests from the outside world.

We have reduced the number of arches to six and in return made five acrylic tinted windows that offer a larger area for full panoramic views. To reduce heat and ensure the Rotating Seater interior temperature remains comfortable even on the warmest of days a reflective stainless steel minimalistic cover flows over the roof.

Key Facts
  • Rotate 360° into the sun, shade or out of the breeze
  • Stainless steel roof to offer shade and reflect heat
  • Six laminated treated sustainable spruce timber arcs
  • Luxurious water resistant interior
  • Wraparound seating area
  • Front canopy provided for use in all seasons
  • Fitted with removable 100cm table top
  • A foot print of no more than a standard garden patio set
  • Option: Can be upgraded to transform into a bed.
  • Includes waterproof acrylic canvas attachable door enclosure
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    Water Resistant Interior

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    Bed Mode

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    360 Panoramic Views

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    Seating For 7

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    Ambient Lighting

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    Free Delivery & Installation

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The Rotating Seater 2
  • Height: 220cm
  • Width: 236cm
  • Depth 236cm
  • Base area diameter: 140cm x 140cm
Layout Specifications
  • Size 236cm x 236cm
  • Floor 140cm Diameter
  • Seating for 7
  • 10 years Guarantee
The Rotating Seater 2
The Rotating Seater 2

An area of 246cm x 246cm is required for the Rotating Seater to rotate freely. A hard standing base of no less than 140cm x 140cm is required to build your Rotating Seater onto. Your sphere can be installed onto a level paved, concrete or decked area.

Ground Preparation

If you are preparing a new concrete or paving area for your Rotating Seater, we recommend an overall depth of 30cm allowing 7 days for the ground to settle prior to the arrival of our fitting team

A paving circle can be purchased from good garden centres or builder’s merchants. When a paved circle is laid onto hard core, sand and cement – no concrete is required in the centre beneath the pod

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