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Garden Pods John Lewis Stores

We're excited to announce that selected Garden Pods are now available in John Lewis Stores throughout the UK!

Ornate Garden’s ‘Garden Pods' available at John Lewis

As British designers & manufacturers Ornate Garden are delighted to have our Garden Pods and outdoor buildings featured by such a high profile retailer both in store and online.

John Lewis provides us another platform & comprehensive UK coverage from which to sell our range Rotating Pods, Spheres and Garden Buildings.

John Lewis 'online' features some of our most innovative garden building designs, including our Rotating Sphere, Summerhouses & Ovalhouses.

Please check if a Garden Pod is also available in store...

John Lewis - Bluewater | Rotating Seater

John Lewis - Cambridge | Rotating Lounger

John Lewis - Cardiff | Grande Deluxe Chic | Offset Ovalhouse

John Lewis - Cheadle | Rotating Seater

John Lewis - Chichester | Rotating Seater

John Lewis - Cribbs Causeway | Rotating Seater | Offset Ovalhouse

John Lewis - Exeter | Ovalhouse

John Lewis - Glasgow | Rotating Seater | Offset Ovalhouse

John Lewis - Horsham | Rotating Seater

John Lewis - Leckford Estate | Rotating Seater

John Lewis - Ipswich | Rotating Seater

John Lewis - Leeds | Ovalhouse

John Lewis - Leicester | Rotating Lounger

John Lewis - Milton Keynes | Ovalhouse

John Lewis - Norwich | Ovalhouse

John Lewis - Newcastle | Ovalhouse

John Lewis - Nottingham | Rotating Seater

John Lewis - Oxford | Ovalhouse

John Lewis - Oxford Street | Offset Ovalhouse | Grande Deluxe Chic

John Lewis - Poole | Rotating Seater

John Lewis - Southampton | Rotating Seater | Ovalhouse | Rotating Lounger

John Lewis - Trafford | Ovalhouse

John Lewis - Welwyn Garden | Ovalhouse

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