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Pod Maintenance and After Care

As the fiery colours of autumn leaves begin to nestle around our feet and the days become shorter it is time to start organising the garden for the colder months ahead. Indeed, winter is fast approaching bringing with it a host of frosty mornings and chilly winds and although your sphere requires very little maintenance, you may be wondering how best to ensure that your sphere is in tip top shape for both the approaching winter and the following spring…


The interior of your pod should be regularly cleaned using a damp soapy cloth to remove any grime

Roller Track

The roller system requires no maintenance as the bearings are sealed. We do, however, recommend that the area around the floor is swept to avoid any debris blowing into the track.

Timber Care

You may experience the top laminate showing some cracks over time, don’t worry this is quite normal. As the seasons change the wood will dry and contract, but this is only on the top layer of timber. The timber is pre-treated which is good for 15 years, but if you want to help its life span, apply a good wood preserver in the autumn and spring, this will help prevent cracking and also prolong its life span. We suggest this is done to the floor as well as the timber beams.

A full winter cover is also available if you feel you need to completely cover your pod at the end of the season.

Wood Preperation & Preservation


Before doing anything to the wood, we suggest masking the sides of each timber arc to avoid scratching or marking the stainless steel or the windows; gently wipe down these areas before you start.

Using a fine sandpaper or a nylon web cloth rub over the arc to remove any build up of grime that has weathered the wood, this will also key the timber and refresh it for the preserver.

If you find any marks that need removing then heavier grade sandpaper maybe required, we suggest then returning to a finer paper or nylon web abrasive to blend this in.


Before applying the wood preserver, wipe down the timber with a cloth to remove any dust. When using a wood preserver, please read the instructions for use on the tin and apply as required, it is normal to add a second coat after the first coat has cured.

Remove the masking tape and wipe down any excess wood preserver with a damp cloth.

Preperation & Preservation Kit

  • 2.5 LTR Wood preserve
  • 1 x Roll Masking Tape
  • 1 x 2” Brush
  • 2 x Nylon Web abrasive Pads
  • 1 x Sanding sponge Pad
  • 1 x Pair disposable Gloves
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